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Use this database to access, save, and manage thousands of open educational resources.  Teachers or students.  Fully integrated in Google Classroom.

Login required.


Brain POP

Use your school or your personal educator login credentials for access.


Merriam-Websters Visual Dictionary Online

This online dictionary shows information through labeled pictures and diagrams.  Not only can you read word meanings, but you can also SEE the meanings.


PebbleGo NEXT

Research database geared for students in grades 3-5.  Choose from 3 modules: US States, Science, and American Indians.  

Login required.


POWER Library

Pennsylvania Online World of Electronic Resources.

Access educational databases available to Pennsylvania residents.  As a student in the PA school system, you have free access to this while in the school building.  As a resident in the PA Commonwealth, you have free access to this with a library card.


SIRS Discoverer Database

SIRS Discoverer database provides access to thousands of journal and newspaper articles, photographs, websites, reference materials, biographies, and more!  Search the entire database, narrow your search by choosing a subject, or search only the web.  Search results are organized according to resource type and labeled with reading levels and all the information can be trusted!


World Book Encyclopedia KIDS

Search World Book Encyclopedia Online in a kid-friendly way. 

When using from home, you may have to log-in. Please see your librarian for more info!


World Book Encyclopedia STUDENT

Search World Book Encyclopedia Online.  This format is not as basic as the KIDS format, but it is for middle grade students.