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Library Policies


- All students may have two books checked out at a time, unless they have overdue 
   books/unpaid fines.
 - Most books can be borrowed for 12 school days.  Students will come for book    
   exchanges once every two 6-school-day cycle rotations (2 x 6 = 12 school days).   
   Reference material (material with the call number beginning with REF), such as
   dictionaries and encyclopedias, may only be checked out for one school day.
 - If books are overdue (not turned in on or before the due date stamped on the back of
   the book), students will receive printed notification on Monday (or the first day) of each week.  
 - Overdue notices are given to homeroom teachers to distribute weekly. 
   Unpaid fines notices tell the student how much they owe the library if they have lost or returned a book damaged.  Overdue notices tell the student what books they have out and when the books were due.
 - The Punxstuawney Area Middle School Library reaches the literary needs of a large
   patron audience.  Student reading levels vary from 4th grade and below to 7th grade
   and above, so there is a wide variety of books available to all students. 
 - If you are a parent/guardian of a middle school student and you would like to see what
   you child has checked out from the library or when it is due, click on the Punxsutawney
   Area Middle School Link from this Destiny Link.  You may then log in to their Destiny
   Quest account using their school login name and student ID.