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Thanksgiving @ PAES

Mayflower Lands @ PAES
- Assistant Principal, Mrs. Sheena Smelko, won the school turkey feather contest.  Her reward was to be the school turkey for the day.  Mrs. Smelko came into the lunch rooms on the Mayflower with a couple of pilgrims.  Ms. Serena Johnston and nurse, Mrs. Sapphire Lowry helped Mrs. Smelko steer the ship through the cafeteria. 
- On Monday, Ms. Serena Johnston's Room 100 at PAES celebrated Thanksgiving a little early this year with a pre-holiday feast. Turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, plates, utensils, and drinks were provided by the staff in Room 100.  The students were responsible for making the delicious pumpkin pies. Additional foods and treats were donated by PAES staff.  All interested staff members enjoyed the feast during their lunch period.
- 3rd grade students participated in turkey centers.  Each classroom rotated through fun activities provided by the 3rd grade teachers. 
- Mrs. Bobbi Young's Kindergarten completed an "escape room" Turkey unlock the box activity.