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December Fun

During the month of December, our Kindergarten classes participated in a Gingerbread Man Exchange around the United States. Our classes worked together to create Punxsy Phil shaped gingerbread men which we sent to other Kindergarten classes around the country with a letter talking about our community and the state of Pennsylvania. Every day, we were excited to see the new letters and gingerbread men that arrived in the mail. We received gingerbread men from 47 of the 50 states! We used a large map to locate the states and display the items we received. Our students were so eager to learn about new places discuss how they were similar and different from us.

Staff and students from PAES participated in a hallway and door decorating contest.  The contest was sponsored by our PTO as well as the Staff Smiles Committee.  Winners of the door competition were as follows: 1) Mrs. Leslie’s Classroom, 2) Mrs. Johnston’s Classroom, & 3) Mrs. Holli Martino’s Classroom. 

6th grade’s Harry Potter themed hall won best hallway narrowly beating Kindergarten’s WhoVille. Please enjoy the video created by technology teacher, Ms. Elizabeth Depp-Hutchinson.