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Spotlight on Good Behavior

Students will be a part of a reward incentive program I started at Bell Township, Jenks Hill, and Mapleview Elementary Schools which focuses on positive behavior and character traits. Every 4-6 weeks a new theme will be chosen centering on a positive character trait. Students will be informed of the theme, and given ideas of how they are to best exemplify that particular trait during those given weeks. The theme will also be reinforced through classroom lessons. If the student is seen being a positive role model representing that trait, they will be given a “ticket” from whatever adult has caught them. This ticket will earn the students a certificate and a reward for their positive behavior. I hope that this will be incentive to promote positive behavior in our schools, and can be used as a reward as opposed to negative behaviors always being punished. We hope this will increase positive interactions with our students, and diminish the amount of disciplinary referrals we see in the school year.  GOOD LUCK!!!





September starts our Spotlight on Good Behavior Program.  I will be in each classroom talking with students about earning slips of paper from your teachers, that will enter them to get a certificate and a reward.  Teachers will be looking for students who are showing RESPONSIBILITY and READINESS.  Teachers will be looking for students who are following the rules—especially when other students are not, students who are ready when their teacher asks the very first time, students who help remind others of what the rules are, who are being a good role model for their friends, and who are using their very best listening skills.  Remember…September is all about RESPONSIBILITY and READINESS!!!  Good luck :)




Teachers will be looking for students who are showing RESPECT FOR SELF AND OTHERS.  Teachers will be looking for students who are showing respect for themselves, for their classmates, and for their teachers.  Respect means treating others how you would like to be treated.  It means that we are letting others know through our choices and actions that they are important.  We should not be arguing, doing what our teacher asks, we should listen carefully, raising our hand, not interrupting, we should include everyone, we should be kind to one another, we should make healthy choices, and we need to let others—teachers and students—know that they are important!!!    Remember…October is all about RESPECT for OURSELF and OTHERS!!!  Good luck :)




November is here and to help us get ready for the holidays, our Spotlight Behavior will be GRATITUDE and GENEROSITY.  Teachers will be looking for students who show THANKS and who are GIVING.  During this month, we want to let the people around us, including our teachers, friends, and classmates, how happy and thankful we are that they are in our lives.  We should thank them for what they give us—they give us knowledge through teaching, they give us time by being here everyday, they give us respect by treating us well because we are important, and they sometimes give us other gifts that they do to show that they care, not because they have to.  To show our thanks, along with saying "THANK YOU," we need to give back—give back our energy and hard work in our classes, give back by complimenting others, and give back by taking care of each other and treating one another with respect.  During the month, try to remember how caring and supportive the people here are and try to show them that you think they are important and that you care about them, too!  Good Luck!!!



December is here and this month we will be trying to appreciate what makes each of us UNIQUE.  Teachers will be looking for students who are respectful of others differences, who encourage classmates to build on what they are good at, and who recognize the positive things in each other that make us not only who we are, but make us special.  During this month, we want to let the people around us, including our teachers, friends, and classmates, how special they are and how glad we are that because of the things that they can do and the things that make them who they are.  We should be kind and NEVER make fun of others because they may look differently than we do or talk differently or do things differently than we do.  We need to be respectful of one another, be thankful of who each person is, and encourage our friends to be the very best that they can. Remember that everyone is special…especially YOU!!!  Show others what it is that makes you special and different from everyone else and help others by being understanding and kind. Good Luck!!!




January is here and this month our focus is FRIENDSHIP.  Teachers will be looking for students who are being kind, caring, and helpful to the other students in our room and our school.  During this month, we want to let our friends know how special they are and how happy we are that they are good friends to us.  We should be doing our best to be honest and trustworthy; to include everyone, and to help when someone is not being included or someone is being unkind.  We need to make sure that we are not letting other students bully or to be mean to one another, to try and help them or to tell an adult.  We also need to practice knowing the difference between what is important to tell an adult—like bullying or someone being hurt—and what is tattling on others just to get them into trouble—like telling that someone skipped in line, or took a drink for too long at the water fountain.  We need to try to remember that if someone is not hurting himself or herself, us, or someone else, it may be a problem we can try to solve on our own or just ignore.  During the month, try to remember how special each of our friends are and show them how important they are to us by following the golden rule—TREAT OTHERS AS YOU WANT TO BE TREATED!  Good Luck!!!



This month, our Spotlight Behavior is having a POSITIVE ATTITUDE.  We will be looking for students who, even when having a bad day, are making the most of things, trying to keep a smile on their face, and turning their day around.  Students should help others who are having a hard time by being a good friend, a good listener, or getting them help from an adult.  Having a positive attitude is about making good choices even if you are in a bad mood—trying to work well with others, listening to adults, and even finding an adult to talk to about your bad day is a great choice instead of not following rules, being mean and rude, pouting, and getting into trouble.  This month is all about feeling good about yourself and feeling good being at school!  Good luck!!!



This month and part of next month, our Spotlight will be on SUCCESS and HARD WORK.  We will be looking for students who show that they are trying hard in their schoolwork, who are trying hard in specials, and who are being good role models to their classmates.  It is important to study, complete homework, follow directions, listen carefully, and work hard in class to learn all that you need to be ready for your next year in school!  GOOD LUCK!!!





The end of this month and next month, our Spotlight will be on how we ACCEPT and PREPARE for CHANGE.  We will be looking for students who show that they have taken what they can from this school year. This can be shown in many different ways including showing that we have worked hard all year, showing that we have become better at following the rules, that we have become a better listener, that we are excited about coming to school and learning, and that we are looking forward to next year…whether that is here or at the Middle School. Showing that we have grown in our roles as a student, as a friend, and as a role model to others is what teachers will be looking for these next few weeks.  Show us that you have learned all that you can from this year and are ready, not only for summer break, but for a new year of learning next year!  GOOD LUCK!!!